How to publish UDP ports with Docker-Swarm

I am sure you know those requests, where you think: Hey no problem, i have done this thousand times, give me 5 minutes and it will work.The same happened last week, when a teammate from zisops asked me to publish a UDP Port for a already running Docker Swarm Service. I have done this 100 times before for "normal" Docker Containers. But hey.. Docker Swarm can't handle this with: [Read More]

Blogs, Board - Twitter for DevOps

I am currently working in the "DevOps" area . Since I originally looked after small cute PHP applications, this was of course, somehow a jump into the cold water.Thanks to the Internet, there is enough material for reading , to deal with the subject. If you are interested, whats in my opinion are must be read blogs, pages and books on the subject, feel free and read this little post in [Read More]

How to start leaning Elixir + Phoenix

First things first, Please indulge me, this is not my mother tongue!!Recently i have started to explore the wonderful world of functional programming with Elixir and the Phoenix 1.4 Framework.Coming from PHP and working as DevOps Engineer, this task is not as easy as i thought. So for everyone else there, I want to share ressources i have used to learn the basics (still ongoing).The links [Read More]

How to create a Elixir release and use environment variables configured at runtime.

First things first, please indulge me, this is not my mother tongue!One of the problems we are facing with every new application is the proper usage of Elixir with the possibility to use environment variables from a “docker-compose” file to configure the application at runtime.There a several approaches to do this, but i want to show you my preffered way with Distillery and the “configTuples” Provider.This combination [Read More]