First things first, Please indulge me, this is not my mother tongue!!

Recently i have started to explore the wonderful world of functional programming with Elixir and the Phoenix 1.4 Framework.

Coming from PHP and working as DevOps Engineer, this task is not as easy as i thought. So for everyone else there, I want to share ressources i have used to learn the basics (still ongoing).

The links to articles and tutorials are in the order in which I used them.

I would love to see more up-to-date resources in the comments (😘)

Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp

The Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp: UDemy Video Tutorial from Stephen Grinder. Not for free, but worth every penny.


  • Elixir Warmup
  • Elixir Pattern Matching
  • Testing and Documentation
  • Build a Identicon Tool (like Github uses)

Example Identicon

  • Structs
  • Starting with Phoenix 1.2
  • MVC in Phoenix
  • Models in Phoenix
  • Working with Postgres
  • Authentication with OAuth
  • Using Plugs in Phoenix
  • Websockets in Phoenix
  • What’s new in Phoenix 1.3

I would suggest this video course to every beginner. In the last sections you will build a complete application with some nice features:

  • Authentication via GitHub
  • Create a Topic and start a Discussion via Comments (live updates via WebSockets).
  • Full CRUD application.

Please note: The Phoenix part is about Phoenix 1.2 (easier to learn than Phoenix 1.4)

Link: (today for 11,99€)

#Articles from Culttt

Short and easy to understand Elixir tutorials.

For me it is very good that he also explains why you need some functions or even mentioned if you actually do not use them in the wild.

Wall of links incoming…

More Articles and Guides worth reading..

Thats it, next on my roadmap: Read some books, build a personal website with Elixir and Phoenix!