How to setup Wordpress with a MySQL Cluster using Terraform

This will be the beginning of small series called “Let’s build”. We will build together some fancy environments, beyond the common “deploy Apache2 with MySQL” scenarios. In a next part we will use the LoadBalancer from DigitalOcean to make Wordpress high available too.In this article we will learn, how to setup a Wordpress with a MySQL Cluster. To make things a bit more “cool”,we will use Terraform [Read More]

Setup PostgreSQL 10 and explore the different Backup scenarios

Please indulge me: is not my mother tongue !!Why?To get firm with all the different Backup & Recovery strategies used by PostgreSQL.SQLDumpFile System Level BackupContinuous Archiving and Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR)We will learn to delete stuff, and to recover it with those options.Prepare your workstationWe will do all this stuff with a MacBook and MacOS, but it should be nearly the same on Linux or Windows.Tools [Read More]

Adventure with Docker - Conflicts with UIDs of the container and the host

There are so days when you deal with problems you would never have expected. We had the goal to operate an ElasticSearch Cluster in our Docker-Swarm. After some time, a finished image was found which makes this halfway possible (problematic is the discovery of other nodes, just as a hint).To ensure that all containers in the ElasticSearch Clusters have all the data on the different Docker Swarm Nodes, we [Read More]

Deploy a Laravel 5.4 (PHP) Application to Microsoft Azure WebApp

The base of the WebApps is an iiS server, which makes the whole story a bit more complex than deploying to a 08/15 Apache with PHP .. the iiS is more suitable for Microsoft’s languages like ASP.NET etc. Well, however, nothing is impossible. Here is a short story on how to deploy a Laravel App to Microsoft Azure WebApp Service (Spoiler: It runs very well, if it runs! [Read More]

VM with PHP 7.0, MySQL, Apache 2 and PhpMyAdmin on Ubuntu

It is for me once again time to deal with PHP, yes, some may cry out, but I love the language. Since I wanted to use again a “real” VM for it, instead of a Docker container, here is a small tutorial for creating a VM using Virtualbox which can do the following.VM "Features"PHP 7.xMySQL 5.xApache 2.xUbuntu 16.04.xPHPMyAdminShared Folder mit dem MacThe first [Read More]